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When I take my daily walks I am usually listening to an audio book.  This particular day I was listening to 'The Book of Longings' by Sue Monk Kidd. The book is a fictional account of what the life Jesus might have looked like as a young man, including having a wife.
I was listening to the time shortly after the crucifixion. Mary and Martha had just provided the necessary sweet spices to complete the preparation of Jesus body. I have just walked past a large dairy barn, and the usual scent in the air is that of cows and manure.  Deep in my thoughts I'm wondering about Jesus having a wife, and other ideas created by the author when I am overcome by the smell of something sweet and spicy. I look around to see where this could be coming from, but there isn't anything that could be creating this amazing aroma. At that moment I knew I was not walking alone, I was walking with God, and I'm certain the scent was that of cloves, mint and frankincense.