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Reflections on God in My Life


I believe God is the divine force of Life. It becomes the living word through the life and actions of His Son, Jesus Christ.

With this in mind, I try to keep it from being complicated:  trying to live a life that reflects the values I have learned through study, example, and reflection.  Treat others how you would like to be treated,  just be nice!

When I enter the home of a vulnerable and anxious elder, when I serve a meal, when I talk with someone who is hurt or angry,  I am reminded that it’s up to me to be the vessel by which our faith is manifested.  Keep it simple, be kind, look for solutions, reach out a hand to lift someone up.

This may sound silly, but every now and then I think, What would Jesus do?   

Keeping it simple in Juneau,

Eileen Hosey

August 25, 2021

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